Where is Ms Puddington? She is in ____ kitchen, she's making a sandwich for you. Turn off ____ light! Watch out! There is a spider on ____ floor! Roy is ____ tallest boy in our class. Greece is ____ interesting country. I'd like to visit it. My dad likes playing____ football Oh, no! His sister is playing ____ guitar right now! My poor ears! ____ town hall is closed for now. You go straight on, then turn ____ right. Can I ask ____ question? Could you repeat ____ question? Jacob is ____ engineer. My parents have got ____ old cat. It's so lazy and fat. -Can I have ____ cup of tea, please?- Sure, with sugar? Look! There is a spider on ____ ceiling. -What is your favourite animal?- I like ____ crocodiles! Let's sit in ____ dining room and have a talk. My granny always listens to ____ radio. -What is ____ name of this mall?- It is called "White Country House". He can't see well because he watches ____ TV a lot. I lost my job ____ last month. I have____ lunch at 2 o'clock. We're not working ____ next week because of the COVID 19. He goes to the hairdresser's once ____ month ____ children made a lot of noise so I couldn't relax


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