1) to end a relationship a) put off b) break up c) go off d) put sb down 2) to return a) get back b) break down c) break out d) look for 3) to make a loud noise or explode a) break out b) get up c) go off d) break up 4) to try to find a) go ahead b) break out c) look for d) put off 5) to put what you are holding on a surface or floor a) get back b) look out c) put down d) put sb down 6) to escape a) break out b) look out c) go off d) put off 7) to go on a vacation a) go off b) break down c) get away d) put off 8) to start or proceed a) look out b) go over c) break out d) go ahead 9) to be careful, vigilant or take notice a) look out b) put down c) get up d) put off 10) to postpone a) put off b) get away c) look into d) get up 11) to be unable to stop yourself crying, especially in public a) break down b) break out c) get back d) get up 12) to get out of bed a) go over b) get away c) go off d) get up 13) to review a) go off b) go ahead c) go over d) look into 14) to investigate a) break down b) look into c) get back d) go over 15) to insult or make someone feel stupid a) put sb down b) put off c) look for d) look into




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