a police officer - works in the street, or in a police station, an actor - works in a theatre, a teacher - works in a school, a receptionist - works in a hotel, an administrator - works in an office, an accountant - works with money, an architect - draws houses, a builder - builds houses, a chef - cooks food in a restaurant, a cleaner - cleans houses, a dentist - works with people's teeth, a doctor - works in a hospital, a nurse - works in a hospital and helps doctors, a factory worker - works in a factory, a pilot - flies a plane, a flight attendant - works in a plane and looks after the passengers, a guide - tells tourists about a city, a hairdresser - cuts hair, a lawyer - works in the court, a bank manager - works in a bank, a musician - makes music, a shop assistant - works in a shop, a soldier - works in the army, a taxi driver - drives a taxi, a vet - works with animals, a waiter - works in a restaurant and brings food, an engineer - works with machines, a journalist - makes news, an unemployed person - is young but doesn't work , a retired person - is old and doesn't work,


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