True: He's wearing a cardigan, a shirt, trousers, and boots, She's wearing a shirt, a belt, and jeans, He's wearing pyjamas., They are wearing tops and skirts or shorts , She's wearing a T-shirt and leggings, She's wearing a top, a skirt, and tights , She's wearing a tracksuit and trainers, She's wearing underwear. , He's wearing a shirt, shorts, and flip-flops, She's wearing a suit and a blouse, She's wearing a dress, a blouse, socks, and shoes, She's wearing sandals., She's wearing bracelets, earrings, a necklace, and rings, False: He's wearing a shirt and a tie, He's wearing a jacket and trousers, He's wearing a dress, The woman is wearing a shirt and shorts, the man is wearing a coat, trousers, and trainers, She's wearing a dress, He's wearing a hat and a coat, He's wearing a shirt, a tie, trousers and boots, She's wearing a suit and a blouse. , They are wearing suits, tights, and boots, He isn't wearing gloves and a coat. , He's wearing a T-shirt and shorts, He's wearing a hat and a suit.,




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