To get off on the right/wrong foot - To start off a relationship on good/bad terms, Have a soft spot for someone - To have a weakness for someone special, To go back a long way - To have known someone for a long time , To fall/be head over heels - To love someone immensely , A match made in heaven - A perfect couple, To pop the question - To propose , To tie the knot - To get married, To give someone the cold shoulder - To treat someone with indifference, To rub someone the wrong way - To irritate someone , Birds of a feather... (...flock together) - Similar people want similar things , To be the third wheel - Be the third party in a two-person situation , Three's a crowd - It's best to leave two people alone sometimes, To have the hots for someone - To find someone attractive, To wear your heart on your sleeve - To show your emotions openly, Shotgun wedding - Getting married because of a pregnancy,




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