1) Which two are connected to the Olympics? a) b) c) d) 2) How often do the Olympic Games happen? a) every 2 years b) every 3 years c) every 4 years d) every 5 years 3) When do the Winter Olympics happen? a) the same year as the summer games b) the year after the summer games c) two years after the summer games d) there's no fixed time 4) Which three sports are part of the Winter Olympics? a) ice hockey b) climbing c) skiing d) ice skating 5) Complete the name of the Olympic event - synchronized ... a) skiing b) swimming c) cycling d) athletics 6) Which of these is not Olympic sports? a) handball b) aerobics c) table tennis d) badminton 7) Where did the Olympic games take place in 2020? a) Rio de Janeiro b) London c) Russia d) Tokyo


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