1) The dog ran  ..... the bed to hide from the cat. a) under b) through c) in 2) The kids were excited when the train went _________ the tunnel. a) over b) through c) onto 3) My mum broke her leg when she fell ______ the stairs. a) off b) in c) down 4) I was walking ______ the hill when I fell and broke my leg. a) through b) into c) up 5) The cat jumped _________ the fence. a) over b) down c) into 6) My brother jumped _________ the swimming pool and disappeared under the water. a) into b) onto c) over 7) We go jogging __________ the beach every morning. a) across b) through c) along 8) The stork flew ___________ our heads and sat on the roof. a) over b) under c) up 9) All my pens and pencils fell _________ my bag. a) into b) out of c) past 10) Kids were sitting ___________ the table waiting for the dinner. a) at b) on c) across 11) Go __________ the park and turn right. a) into b) along c) past 12) Please put all your belongings __________ the plastic bag. a) across b) over c) into




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