1) Aaron: In the afternoon, I watched football on TV. At 4 o'clock, I went to the basement to play table tennis with Barry. 2) Barry: I took at nap. At 4 o'clock, I went to play table tennis in the basement.   3) Charlie: I took a shower. As soon as I finished, I got a phone call from my friend and we talked for about an hour.  4) Denis: At about 4 o'clock, I noticed the newspaper on the coffee table in the living room. I read it until 5 o'clock. Then I went to the noodle shop. 5) Emily: I mowed the lawn at 4 o'clock. While mowing the front lawn, I noticed Gerry and Irene sitting on the porch.  6) Fiona: I was playing chess with Hermione all afternoon. Sometime during the game, I think it was about 4 o'clock. I answered the phone. It was a call for Charlie.  7) Gerry: Irene and I made dinner and ate out on the front porch at 5pm. While we were eating, I noticed that the paper hadn't been delivered yet. 8) Hermione: Fiona and I played chess in my room all afternoon until about 5 o'clock when we went downstairs for dinner. During the game, we heard loud noises coming from Smith's bedroom 9) Irene: Gerry and I ate dinner outside. While we were eating at about 5.15 the paper arrived, so I took it inside and left it on the coffee table before doing the dishes.  10) Jenny: I was weeding the garden while Emily was cutting the grass.  11) Kim: After lunch, I played tennis with Leonie. Afterwards we stopped at the noodle shop for something to eat.  12) Leonie: I beat Kim at four games of tennis. We were hungry so we grabbed something to eat and ran into Denis at the shops.  13) Mo: I spent the day in Adelaide at my sisters wedding. I didn't get home until 8pm. 14) Nana: I was helping Jenny to weed the garden but was getting sunburned so I went inside and had a shower about 5.30.  15) Olivia: I was heading home about 5pm but there had been an accident, so I was stuck in traffic.  16) Peter: I was in the basement reading when Aaron and Barry came in. They were so noisy I left and went upstairs to finish my book. 17) Quincy: I had worked late the night before and slept the whole day. I didn't even know what had happened until Fiona woke me up! 18) Robert: Susan and I had gone to the movies and got out about 5pm. When we came home we learned what had happened!  19) Susan: I went to lunch with Robert about 1pm and then we went to see a movie afterwards.  20) Trevor: I was working in my office all day, but I heard some noises coming from upstairs around 5.15pm 21) Umar: My PlayStation 5 arrived today so I was playing it all afternoon. I didn't see or hear anything suspicious. 22) Valerie: I was out walking the dog around 4pm. It was just around the block so I was only gone for about half an hour.  23) William: I saw a big traffic jam on the way home but luckily I had my bike so I took some side streets. On the way home I saw Valerie. That was about 4.30pm 24) Xavier: Our teacher had given us lots of homework so I was up in my room studying with Yvonne. We heard an argument upstairs but we thought it was Mr Smith watching television.   25) Yvonne: I was really stressed about my upcoming test so Xavier and I were going over some of our class notes  26) Zion: I was watching Umar play on his new game console. We had the music up quite loud.


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