ride a bicycle, walk in the park, have lunch, write an email, talk on the phone, buy some food, read a book, play badminton, swim in the sea, drive home, do yoga, surf the internet, cook dinner, do the housework, go to bed, ski down the mountain, play football, study English, watch TV, do homework, do the gardening, climb a ladder, listen to music, go to the cinema, go on a date, wash my clothes, play PlayStation, visit my friend, walk the dog, workout, watch Netflix, read the newspaper, brush my hair, go for a stroll, feed the dog, have a shower, blow my nose, whistle a tune, hang up a towel, look in the mirror, go to sleep, play on the computer, walk to work, sweep the floor, wash the dishes, tidy my room, go to church, attend a wedding, go bowling, go swimming,

EC I1 M2 5A Change of plan Past continuous + Past simple


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