It was a cold, dark, wet night in December. -   , The rain had stopped and the moonlight was shining brightly. -   , Justin was driving home after working late at the office. -  , He had been helping his boss with some paperwork and now he was tired. -  , The road was clear and he was driving quickly -  , Suddenly, out of nowhere, a young woman stepped out in front of him. - , She was wearing a long white dress, and had long hair covering her face - , Justin stepped hard on the brake, but it was too late - , He got out of the car and looked around, but there was nobody there. - , He looked behind the car and under the car but he couldn't find anything at all! - , While he was looking around the car, he felt a strange presence that sent shivers down his spine. - , He was looking under his car when a truck stopped behind him, so Justin told the man what had happened. - , The truck driver didn’t seem surprised when Justin told him about the young woman. - , "A young woman was killed in a car crash on this road in December 1984." he said in a mysterious tone. - , Justin was shaken, but he got back in the car. - , As he looked into his rear view mirror he saw that the man had disappeared.  - , Sitting behind the steering wheel of the truck, smiling, was the young woman in the long white dress...  -  ,

EC I1 M2 5A It was a cold dark night... past narratives


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