but I hadn’t been able to decide what to watch. - I wanted to watch a movie,, because it had been such a cold and rainy. - I didn’t want to go to school,, because I had been stressed about the test tomorrow. - I couldn’t sleep,, because he had shaved his beard. - David was feeling very cold,, because I had been practicing every day. with localk people - My English improved so much,, because someone had put the paper in incorrectly. - The printer had stopped working,, because he had been too slow to turn his camera on. - Peter didn’t get the photo of the sunset,, because he had forgotten to take his change. - The waitress ran after Thomas,, because she had dropped her ticket on the train. - Jenny needed to pay for her ticket again,, because he had forgotten her birthday. - Mike bought flowers for his wife,, because I had forgotten my glasses. - I didn’t recognize my friend,, because I hadn’t studied every day - I failed my English exam,, because they hadn’t been making time for me. - I argued with my partner,, because I had already eaten so much that day. - I couldn’t finish eating all the food,, because I had forgotten to set my alarm - I didn’t wake up on time,, because I’d lost my passport at the hotel - I couldn’t catch my flight,, Because I had dropped my old phone in the toilet - I bought a new phone,, Because I had never learned how to swim - I couldn't go swimming with my friends,, because I hadn’t tidied my room for months - I couldn't find my shoes,, because I had dropped it down the stairs. - My phone wasn't working,,

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