1) When is Valentine's Day? a) February, 13 b) March, 14 c) February, 14 2) It's a card for Valentine's Day. a) Chocolate b) Cupid c) Valentine 3) It can have many colours. It smells good. a) Flower b) Cupid c) Valentine 4) It's a small dog. a) Birds b) Cupcake c) Puppy 5) It's brown. I like it. Yummy! a) Gift b) Chocolate c) Heart 6) Who has a bow and arrow to make people fall in love?  a) Santa b) Cupid c) The Easter Bunny 7) What do we give our friends on Valentine's Day?  a) Cards b) Flowers c) Presents 8) What shape means love?  a) Square b) Circle c) Heart 9) They are sweet. Yummy! a) Flowers b) Sweets c) Valentines 10) You put it on your finger. a) Heart b) Cupcake c) Ring 11) They are white. They can fly. a) Birds b) Gifts c) puppies


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