1) Make a second conditional sentence 2) If I were a colour,... 3) If I had been born extremely wealthy,.. 4) Make a first conditional question 5) If I hadn't... 6) If I could have a super power, 7) If I could live in any period in history,... 8) If my dog ran away,.. 9) Make a third conditional question 10) If I had known as a child what I know now,... 11) If I could learn one thing,.. 12) If I weren't here now, ... 13) If I could change one thing about my life,... 14) What would you do if you saw a UFO? 15) If I get home early tonight,... 16) If I get the opportunity, ... 17) Make a third conditional sentence. 18) If I could go back in time, ... 19) If you were a world leader what would you do? 20) I will go out tonight if... 21) Make a first conditional sentence. 22) If I could fly,.. 23) Make a second conditional question.




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