Did you have success this session? If yes, why? If no, why not?, What things helped you succeed this session? ,  What are some things that slowed your progress this session?, What struggles did you have this session?, What have you been thankful for over the past few weeks?, What did you learn this session?, If you could have changed one thing about this session, what would it have been?, What was the best part of the session?, Are you more confident using English now than you were 4 weeks ago?, If you could repeat a class activity, what would it be?, Which activity from the session did you enjoy the least?, What was something you were nervous about, but not anymore?, Did you give your best efforts this session?, What are some learning strategies that you used this session that were effective?, What is one thing you wish you had known before starting this class?, If you could change something from the last 4 weeks, what would it have been?, What is one thing about your teacher that you really liked?, How can you better support and encourage your teammates in future classes?, Were you surprised by anything you achieved this session? What?, What were some of my most powerful learning moments from the session?, What were some of my most challenging moments and what made them so?, What is the most important thing you learned personally during the session?, What topics from the session do you need to review?, What were your learning goals from last session? Did you achieve them?, What would you do differently if you were to redo the same level again?, How will you use what you've learned in your future classes?, How can you continue to practice the basics while moving forward in your studies?, Could you say something positive about each of your classmates? What would you say?, What do you think the teacher could have done differently to help you learn more effectively?, What type of study did you do outside of class time?.

End of Session Reflection Discussion


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