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Ernie is 65 years and was not hired because the employer was looking for someone who looked younger - DESPITE IT BEING AN AGEING SOCIETY THERE ARE STILL NEGATIVE PERCEPTIONS ABOUT OLDER PEOPLE BEING FRAIL OR CONFUSED, Jean received a lower rate of pay than Bob for doing the same job - THIS REFERS TO WHETHER SOMEONE IS MALE, FEMALE OR TRANSGENDER. KNOWN AS SEXISM, A restaurant owner allows a family with a child who has cerebral palsy to eat in their outdoor setting area but not in their family room. - DEFINED AS A PHYSICAL OR MENTAL IMPAIRMENT THAT HAS A SUBSTANTIAL AND LONG-TERM NEGATIVE EFFECT ON A PERSONS DAY-TO-DAY LIFE., Geeta unsuccessfully applied for a job as a receptionist in a hotel. When she asked why she did not get the job she was told the manager doesn’t want to employ a receptionist with an accent. - REFERS TO A GROUP CONSIDERED TO HAVE THE CHARACTERSITICS BASED ON THEIR SKIN COLOUR, NATIONALITY OR ETHNIC ORGIN., John was asked to leave the basketball team when he told the team coach he was bisexual - DISCRIMINATION DUE TO SOMEONE’S SEXUALITY, IF THEY ARE BISEXUAL, GAY OR LESBIAN. KNOWN AS HOMOPHOBIA, Michael is a Rastafarian. He faced suspension on his first day of school because his dreadlocks did not comply with the school’s uniform and appearance policy - REFERS TO A GROUP OF PEOPLE IN SOCIETY WHO SHARE THE SAME CUSTOMS, LANGUAGE, DRESS, BELIEFS AND VALUES, Joel was convicted of vandalism at the age of 18 he is now 40 with no further offenses on his record, the employer asked him multiple questions about his conviction then did not hire him - EMPLOYERS CAN BE INFLUENCED BY A GREAT DEAL OF PREJUDICE WHEN DEALING WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS A CRIMINAL RECORD, Provide an example - DEFINED BY ECONOMIC OR EDUCATIONAL STATUS, WHERE PEOPLE ARE GROUPED INTO HIERARCHIAL SOCIAL CATEOGORIES,




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