1) It is Lucy and and Ann's birthday today. ________ birthday is in June. a) Their b) our c) my 2) It's Ben's birthday today. He's nine. ________ birthday is in April. a) Our b) Their c) His 3) My sister is fifteen today. _________ birthday is in August. a) My b) Her c) His 4) I've got a present for my dad. __________ birthday is tomorrow. a) His b) Her c) My 5) We are nine today. _______ birthdays are in September. a) Our b) My c) Their 6) I'm ten today. ________ birthday is in February a) His b) Her c) My 7) _______ birthday party is next week. She is turning 12. a) Their b) His c) Her 8) Is ________ birthday in October. You told me but I don't remember. a) my b) your c) her 9) He's sixteen. __________ birthday is today! a) his b) her c) their 10) _________ mom's birthday is in March. We love her very much! a) Our b) Their c) Her


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