1) The best title of this text would be: a) insulating your home b) climate change c) how to help the environment d) recycling 2) There are just five things we can do to help the environment. True or false? a) True b) False 3) What word means the same as glass? a) clear b) opaque c) glazing 4) Put the following words into alphabetical order: emission extinct easy a) emission extinct easy b) easy extinct emission c) easy emission extinct d) emission easy extinct 5) What are two examples of greenhouse gases? a) cardboard and methane b) carbon and methane c) carbon dioxide and methane d) carbon dioxide and metal oxide 6) What kind of text is this for? a) entertainment b) advice c) persuasion d) instruction 7) The word consume in the text could be replaced by which of the following words? a) eat b) drink c) use d) sell 8) Whose habitat is disappearing? a) Birds b) Insects c) Animals d) Monkeys 9) Where would you put trapping in an alphabetical list? a) before transport b) after transport 10) Food waste can break down naturally. True or false? a) True b) False


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