If you do well, you'll get A+. If you do badly, you'll get D-. What are these examples of? G, The school year is in three parts. What are the parts called? T, You go to pre-school when you are three. What is it called? N, If you don't get a pass mark of 40% in the exam, what will you do? F, When read words in a textbook, and write them in your notebook, what do you do? C, When somebody successfully finishes and leaves the university, what do we say they have done? G, Between 5 and 11, you go to school every day. What type of school is it? P, Your school has a gym, a computer room and a library. What are these examples of? R, What do you take at the end of your time at school? E, What qualification do you get when you leave university? D, Your parents send you to a private school. What do they have to pay? F, You have to do maths at school. What do you call a subject that you have to do? C, When you go traveling after leaving school, we say that you have a year ... what? O, If somebody gets a friend to text answers to them during their finals, what is this an example of? C, What type of school do you start going to when you are eleven? S, Your teacher wants to find out if you are good at a subject. What does she set? T, What 's the name of the place you go to study at, when you leave school? U, What do you call the things you study - History, Geography, Maths, etc. S.


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