1) What is your favorite food? How often do you eat it? 2) Which foods taste bad to you? 3) Is your country famous for any foods? What are they? 4) What are the staple foods of your region? 5) Who usually does the food shopping in your household? Where do they prefer to shop? 6) Have you tried growing your own food? How did it go? 7) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you choose? 8) Are you a vegetarian? Why do some people stop eating meat? 9) What food can you prepare? Are you a good cook? 10) Who is the best cook in your family? What foods do they prepare well? 11) Which culture's food, apart from your own, do you really like? 12) Which countries' foods are very healthy? 13) Which foods are unhealthy? What is unhealthy about them? 14) It is the 21st century. Why are people in some places still starving and malnourished? 15) How do you judge food? By taste, appearance, smell, or feel? Can food be delicious if it looks terrible? 16) Pick one food to represent you. Why did you choose it? 17) Has food ever made you sick? What happened? 18) Have you eaten any strange foods? Explain. 19) Are you or anyone you know allergic to any food? What happens if they eat that food accidentally? 20) What do you think about genetically modified food? Do you try to eat organic food?




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