affluent - If an area is .... , it has expensive housing and the people who live there are quite rich., grand - If something is ...., it is big and impressive., hideous - Something that is ... is extremely ugly or horrible., high-rise - ... buildings are tall buildings with many levels, historic - A building or event that is ... was important in the past, deprived - A place that is ... is one where very poor people live., residential - A ... area is one where most of the buildings are houses and flats where people live, rather than shops or offices., rough - A ... area is one where there is a lot of crime and violence, run-down - A building that is ... is not in good condition because it is old and hasn’t been looked after well., stunning - Something that is ... is very beautiful., trendy - Something that is ... is influenced by the most fashionable styles and ideas., up-and-coming - Something that is ... can become successful or popular.,


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