1) If Linda liked eggs, I ____ her an omelette.  a) make b) 'll make c) 'd make d) made e) makes 2) If my dad ______ the TV off, I'll go to bed. a) turn b) turns c) 'd turn d) 'll turn e) turned 3) If they drive to Spain, it _____ a long time. a) takes b) take c) ’ll take d) 'd take e) took 4) If George _____ red boots, he would look silly. a) wears b) wear c) will wear d) wore e) would wear 5) If they _____ in five minutes, they'll miss dinner. a) not leave b) don't leave c) wouldn't leave d) doesn't leave e) won't leave 6) If you buy a cake, I _____ it! a) eat b) l’ll eat c) would eat d) ate 7) If Mandy knew me, I think she _____ me. a) 'd like b) likes c) `ll like d) liked e) like 8) If we _____ this match, we'll play in the final next week. a) would win b) will win c) won d) win 9) If you haven't got the map, you _____ their house. a) doesn't find b) didn't find c) don't find d) won't find e) wouldn't find 10) If Ted worked harder, he _____ about exams. a) don't worry b) didn't worry c) won't worry d) wouldn't worry e) doesn't worry 11) If Ryan _____ tired, he would play football with his friends. a) don't feel b) wouldn't feel c) didn't feel d) won't feel e) doesn't feel 12) If Tanya _____ the doctor, she won't get better. (not visit) a) doesn't visit b) won't visit c) didn't visit d) wouldn't visit e) didn't visited




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