1) If I ___ the answer I'd have got full marks. a) ’d known b) knew 2) I would have texted you if I ____ my phone. a) would have b) 'd had 3) If Anna _____ earlier she would have caught the bus. a) got up b) had got up 4) I don't know what would have happened if you _____ got home.  a) hadn't b) wouldn't have 5) Would you have remembered the ticket if they ___ to check it? a) hadn't asked b) didn't ask 6) I wouldn't have known if they ____ told me. a) hadn't have b) hadn't 7) 6 If ___ more revision I would have got a better mark. a) did b) had done 8) If the teacher had checked the register, he would have realized that she ____ late. a) arrived b) had arrived 9) Would you have asked her to help if you ___ she was ill? a) knew b) had known

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