Is there a kind of food or drink that you didn't use to like at all, but now you eat?, Is there a TV series you used to be addicted to? Why did you like it?, Is there a singer or kind of music you used to listen to a lot, but don't anymore? Why did you stop?, Did you use to have any bad habits when you were younger? Explain. Why did you stop?, Is there anything you used to do when you were young that you would like to still do?, Is there a place you used to go on holiday that you'd like to go back to?, Is there a machine or electronic device that you used to use a lot, but that is now out of date?, Is there anything that you used to believe when you were younger, that you don't believe now?, Is there anyone you used to spend a lot of time with, but you no longer keep in touch?, Is there anything you used to think about Australia (or Australians), but no longer think after living here?, Who used to be your hero when you were young?, Did you use to have a pet? Describe them., Did you use to get good grades in high school?, What used to be your favorite game to play as a child?, What did your country used to be like when you were a child?, What do you usually do on a typical day off work or school?, What is something you usually do in your free time?, Do you or your family usually go on holiday together?, What do you usually do in the morning to get ready?, What restaurants do you normally like to eat at?,

EC I1 M2 5B Didn't/Used to/Usually Questions


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