1) 5000 роз a) five thousand roses b) five thousands roses c) five thousand of roses 2) десять сотен детей a) ten hundreds children b) ten hundred children c) ten hundreds of children 3) сотни мест a) hundred of places b) hundred places c) hundreds of places 4) миллионы друзей a) millions friends b) millions of friends c) million of friends 5) 2 миллиона машин a) two million of cars b) two millions cars c) two million cars 6) тысячи птиц a) thousands birds b) thousands of birds c) thousand birds 7) семь сотен зданий a) seven hundred buildings b) seven hundreds buildings c) seven hundred of buildings 8) 2000 людей a) two thousands people b) two thousand people c) two thousands of people 9) сотни рек a) hundred rivers b) hundred of rivers c) hundreds of rivers 10) миллионы городов a) millions of towns b) million towns c) millions towns




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