1) V.R. is more immersive . . . A.R. a) respect to b) because of c) compared with 2) Smart glasses . . . you see everything in front of you a) let b) make c) help 3) A hologram is a three-dimensional image produced . . . the patterns formed . . . a laser beam a) with b) within c) by 4) Augmented reality projects images over whatever you look . . . a) to b) through c) at 5) A device is a piece of equipment (or a mechanism) . . . serve a special purpose a) designs to b) designed to c) designing to 6) Bernie is quite attracted to V.R. . . Emilio prefers real life experiences!  a) although b) despite c) while 7) Emilio is not ... technological as Bernie a) of b) too c) as 8) Bernie and Albert are pretty different: . . . she is dark, he's quite fair  a) but b) unless c) whereas




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