1) If you see an advertisement with a money prize, what do you do? a) Enter the ad b) Skip the ad c) I don't know what to do d) I talk to my parents 2) In a lot of social media apps, people put a lot of personal information. Does it follow the data protection laws? a) Yes b) No c) Probably d) I don't know 3) You receive an email saying that YOU WON A PRIZE, but you need to give your personal data to continue... a) Block the contact b) Reply to the email c) Send the email to the police d) Visit the website 4) You share a photo on your social media and an unknown person asks you to give your phone number... a) Give the phone number b) Don't reply and report c) Tell your parents d) Start chatting 5) If an unknown person sends you a photo of the face a) You say it is beautiful b) You send another photo of your face c) Block the contact 6) You should put your bank account on an unsafe website a) True b) False 7) What can you do not to share personal information? a) Fill in all the information they ask b) Accept all without reading c) Read carefully before accepting 8) It is safe to accept all cookies a) True b) False 9) What is safe to do online? a) Follow everyone b) Stay connected for many hours a day c) Give all your personal information d) Have a parental control app 10) What do you do if someone write an offensive comment in a social media app? a) Say another offensive comment b) Don't say anything c) Tell an adult d) Cry a lot 11) Do you have to make friends online? a) Yes, of course b) It is good because you meet people from all over the world c) It isn't dangerous d) No, you don't have to 12) I have to put my personal information in dangerous websites... a) Yes, I have to b) You need to, to visit the website c) They don't keep my personal information, so it doesn't matter d) No, you don't have to. It isn't safe. 13) If an unknown number calls you... a) I don't mind b) Cancel the call c) Block the contact d) Answer the call 14) If your computer gets infected with a virus. What do you do? a) Go to the police b) Tell your parents to repair it c) You don't mind d) Keep it to yourself 15) You visit a website and you have to complete a form with your personal information...  a) Put all the personal information b) Leave the website c) I don't know what to do d) Tell your parents 16) An unknown person sends you a message. What is the best answer to this situation? a) Reply to the message b) Ignore the message c) Block the contact d) Communicate this to your parents 17) You register in a game. What do you do? a) Use your parents information b) Use the real information c) Use fake information 18) You meet someone online and wants to see you in person... a) Don't go b) Go alone c) Go with a friend 19) It is good to open spam emails a) True b) False 20) It is good to ignore unknown messages a) True b) False 21) It is safe to accept spam calls a) True b) False 22) It is safe to video call people you know a) True b) False 23) Which of these possible answers are a danger in social media?  a) Talking to you someone you don't know b) Watching videos appropriate for your age c) Let your parents check your phone d) Put personal information on a private profile 24) It is safe to hang out with someone you meet in social media... a) Yes, it is safe b) It doesn't matter c) No, it is dangerous d) It is good to meet new people 25) If someone sends you an invitation for Instagram and you don't know him or her. What do you do? er a) Delete the invitation b) Talk to him or her to know them better c) Tell your friends d) Accept the invitation 26) If someone insults you with messages. What do you do? a) Ask for help b) Do the same to the person c) Don't tell anyone d) Cry a river 27) If you suffer from cyber bullying. What is the best thing to do? a) Communicate it to the authorities b) Not to communicate it to the authorities c) It doesn't matter d) Nah, it will be a joke 28) What most of under 18 years old do to watch adult videos online? a) Don't watch them. b) Close the app immediately c) Lie about the real age d) I don't know




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