Something you'll never forget seeing for the first time., Something you sometimes forget to do before leaving the house in the mornings., Something you remember doing when you were under five years old., Something you must remember to do today or this week., Something that needs doing/fixing in your house/apartment., Something you need to do this afternoon/evening., Something you've tried to learn but couldn't., Something you do when you can't sleep at night., Something you would like to do/see while in Australia., Something you want to buy but can't afford., Something you miss doing due to the COVID19 restrictions., Something you enjoy doing in class., Something you have refused to do in your life., Something you can't wait to do once all restrictions are lifted, What is something your partner should do before leaving Australia?, Something you learned to do when you were a child, Something your parents didn't let you do when you were a child., What is a place you remember visiting?, Who is a person you enjoy spending time with?, What is something you often forget to do?, What is something you try not to do often?, What do you always avoid doing until the last minute?, What are some things you enjoy doing every day? How about every week?, Is there anything you have quit recently?, What do you miss most about your childhood?, What do you often discuss with your friends when you hang out with them?, What is something you are thinking of doing next year?, What is something you plan to do soon?, What is something you started doing, but haven't finished yet?, Talk about a recent big decision you made. What did you decide?, Is there anything specific you would like to learn in the next few weeks?, What are some of you hopes for the future?, Talk about some difficult choices you have made recently., What do you want to do on your next holiday?, What is something you love doing, but don’t have enough time for?, Is there anything you have begun recently?, What type of personality traits do you dislike?, What do you like to do on the weekend?, What is something you can’t stand doing?, What is something dangerous you would like to try?, What is something your housemate should stop doing?, What is a favor you have done for someone recently?, What is something you are very proud of doing?, What is an activity you put a lot of hours into?, What is something you avoid doing every day?, Who is someone you can't stand being around? , What goal would you like to achieve by the end of the year?, What is something you have taught yourself to do?, What is a skill that comes easily to you?, Who is someone you have been able to help this week?.

EC I4 M1 6A Gerunds & Infinitives Sharing Experiences


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