…likes watching the same shows as you. , …enjoys riding their bike to school or work. , …didn’t like studying when they were younger but do now. , …likes taking selfies they never actually send to anyone., …isn’t good at balancing on one leg for one minute. , …doesn’t mind sharing their fears with you. , …spends a lot of time playing video games. , …likes dressing up and going out. , …enjoys singing in the shower or around the house. , ...likes dancing when no one is watching. , …likes hanging out with friends. , …spends a lot of time talking on the phone. , …doesn’t mind staring seriously into your eyes for 1 minute without blinking, laughing or turning away. , …won’t mind sharing a secret with you. , …was nervous about coming to live in Australia. , …is bad at dealing with failure. , …has thought about giving up on their English studies. , …wouldn't mind giving you a massage for 30 seconds. , …enjoys showing off their best dance moves to you. , …isn’t bothered by showing you the silliest face they can make for 10 seconds..

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