I went to the bank to deposit a check, I can't afford to take you to dinner tonight, My mum agreed to increase my weekly allowance, It appears to be raining, I'm going to ask my teacher for some extra homework, I decided to extend my student visa in Australia, I expected to be met at the train station, but no one was there, I hope to see a movie with my boyfriend on the weekend, I want to learn more and more things each day , In order to remember new vocabulary, I use it 5 times a day, Sam went to the hospital to visit a friend who had fallen off his motorbike, I need to go to the bank and talk to someone about an issue with my account, Ken often looks in the dictionary to find the meaning of new words, I offered some money to help my brother pay for his rent., Linda and Jack will have been married for 6 years this June, Juan watches Netflix in English without subtitles to help improve his vocabulary and listening comprehension, I called reception to ask for an extra pillow but they said they would charge me an extra $10!, I bought the whole album online because I like to listen to their songs while I run in the park, I think that the best way to improve my English is to move into a house of native English speakers, She turned on the computer to do some research for her homework assignment, Andy and Shelly went to Egypt to see the ancient pyramids for their honeymoon , Sally had to stand on her tiptoes because she was just too short to reach the top shelf, Phillip is hoping to graduate by next year but he will need to take some extra classes., My boyfriend and I are planning to take a holiday once we save up a bit more money, I guess I'm a little spoiled because I only like to eat out at expensive restaurants, I have a goal to improve my speaking fluency by the end of the session, Masako, who recently arrived from Japan, really loves to try different types of food in Melbourne,

EC I4 M1 6A Infinitive verb scramble


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