you will become poor! - In Brazil, if your wallet or handbag touches the floor, it will rain the next day! - In Finland, if you kill a spider,, you will be unlucky in love! - In Finland, if you step on a manhole marked with “A”,, you will have good luck! - In France, if you step on a dog poop with your left foot,, you will summon the devil! - In Lithuania, if you whistle indoors,, you will have bad luck! - In UK, if you open an umbrella indoors,, you will have bad luck. - In India, if you get your hair cut on a Tuesday, you will open a door for the devil! - In Mexico, if you put two mirrors in front of each another,, you will receive bad news soon! - In Egypt, if you see an owl,, you will become rich! - In Russia, if a bird poops on you,, they will grow a beard! - In Rwanda, if women eat goats’ meat,, you will have 12 months of good luck! - In Spain, if you eat 12 grapes together at midnight of December 31st. ,, you will never get married! - In Hungary, if you sit at the corner of the table,, you will have seven years of bad luck! - In Italy, if you break a mirror,, he will become a werewolf! - In Argentina, if the president doesn’t adopt the seventh son of a couple, ,


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