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The Britons traded mainly with lands close by such as Ireland or Gaul. - Celtic, The people of Britain were known as Pagans. Religious leaders were known as Druids. - Celtic, There was no real government, people lived in tribes. - Celtic, Tribes mainly rely on farming and hunting for food. - Celtic, There are no towns or cities, people lived in Hill forts. There are also no proper roads and travelling is dangerous. - Celtic, There are farms called Villas and new crops such as strawberries are around. - Roman, Britains could still worship their Gods, but the country would soon become Christian - Roman, A governor controls Britain along with the help of the Army, who helped collect taxes - Roman, Traders came from other provinces to sell goods, some even came from lands far away. - Roman, Model towns were built soon after the invasion and roads soon followed - Roman, Celtic, Roman,

Roman or Celtic Britain

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