1) I'm not trying to run ________ responsibility. a) away from b) over c) into d) in 2) Could we run ________ your proposals once again? a) under b) out of c) through d) into 3) Machines run _______ oil and grease. a) over b) on c) about d) after 4) We wanted to cook a cake, but we've run ______ flour. a) under b) by c) about d) out of 5) if I run _____ Mrs. Sellers at the grocery today, I'll tell her all the news. a) into b) after c) about d) by 6) A man couldn't run _____ his nature. a) under b) up on c) against d) over 7) Different gadgets and devices run _______ batteries. a) away from b) against c) through d) on 8) Well, you know, perhaps I should run _____ Ms. Langer. I don't agree with her point of view. a) against b) into c) away from d) through


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