1) He wasn't the kind of man to give _____ easily, he liked to finish what he started. a) up b) away c) in to d) over 2) If you don't give Ann _____ her necklace, she will quarrel with you. a) up b) over c) away d) back 3) I came to Moscow to give _____ a Tom's package to Lucy. a) up b) over c) in to d) off 4) Sometimes we can give _____ a negative vibe without meaning to. a) off b) away c) in to d) up 5) There is a rule: we must give _____ the elders a) over b) in to c) off d) back 6) You can't just give _____ my office, I've been working there for five years. a) in to b) up c) back d) away 7) To stop trying to do something before you have finished, quit the habit. a) give up b) give over c) give off d) give away 8) To give something freely as a gift. a) give over b) give in to c) give back d) give away 9) I can't answer that puzzle, I give _____. a) over b) up c) back d) away 10) She won't give _____ these men, she wants to win in this championship. a) in to b) up c) away d) off


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