1) -You____ a book about modern art! I ______ believe it! You ____ modern art! a) read, don't believe, hate b) are reading, am not believing, are hating c) are reading, am not believing, hate d) are reading, don't believe, hate 2) -I know. But now I ____ to know more about it. a) am needing b) am need c) need d) needing 3) -Why? -Because my girlfriend ____ it at university this year and she ____it. a) studys, loves b) studies, is loving c) is studying, loves d) is studying, love 4) -What's that picture on the left? -It's a woman, I ____ she _____ in the garden. I ____ . a) think, is walking, don't really know b) am thinking, is walking, don't really know c) think, walking, not really know d) am think, is walking, don't really know 5) -Let me see... No, she ______, she______. -Oh, yes! a) doesn't walk, flies b) isn't walking, is flying c) not walking, flying d) isn't walking, is fliing




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