Watched porn on a work computer , Been laughed at naked, Had a couple of drinks and then shared confidential information related to work, Agreed to a new sex position and hurt myself in the process, Posted a picture on social media to make another person jealous, Been to a church and a bar in the same day, Imagined having children with a particular celebrity , Kicked someone out of my wedding, Thrown up in a taxi, Stolen a condom from my mum or dad, Flirted with my best friend’s partner , Talked shit about my boss at work,  Had uncontrollable gas at work, Taken a nap and missed all my classes for the day, Gone an entire day without putting on any clothes, Lost my phone more than twice in one weekend , Bought a dog to increase my chances of meeting the opposite sex, Knocked a tooth out from drunken debauchery, Hit on someone I knew was in a relationship , Lied about________, Has someone else do my work and pretended it was my own, Witnessed a crime and done nothing about it, Taken__________, Moved in with someone after one month of dating, Had to call someone to bail me out of jail, Started a serious fire, Had an accident during my driving test, Seen one of my co-workers naked, Cursed a driver that cut me off, French-kissed my pet, Accidentally forwarded an email to a co-worker that talked shit about them, Appeared as an extra on a movie or TV set, Given someone viagra without them knowing, Lit the wrong end of a cigarette, Given someone a drug without them knowing , Grafittied, Gone home with no underwear on, Spent the night on a park bench, Passed out on the beach without sunscreen, Cursed during an interview, Worn the same underwear twice in a row, Twerked in public, Given beer or hard liquor to a dog or cat, Given_______, Been _______, Locked myself out of my house/apartment only in my underwear , Made a fool of myself at a work holiday party, Lived in my parents basement , Fallen in love with someone who turned out to play for the other team, Vomited right someone else did, Given alcohol to minors, Been so messed up I couldn’t remember where I lived , Watch gay porn and liked it, Found a sex tape made by my parents, Peed in a sink or tub, Taken someone else’s idea at work, Hosted a party and had someone vomit/pee on a furniture , Cursed at a stranger , Stolen from my grandparents , Farted at my boss’s office, Forgotten my significant other’s birthday , Stuck my head in the toilet to retrieve something , Drank too much at the airport bar, passed out at the gate and missed my flight, Called in sick because I was hungover , Purchused drugs in another country, Spilled a drink in someone on purpose, Been in handcuffs , Sexted, Fallen down the stairs during a night out, Snagged someone else’s food when the delivery person accidentally arrived at my door, Cheated at a casino, Hit on someone at a funeral, Vomited on a rollercoaster, Taken drugs to get through a flight, Sniffed glue, Been in a fight with a taxi driver, Hit on a techer, Tried___________ , Moved in with a total a total stranger, Created a fake Twitter or Facebook account to stalk another person, Done more than 3 different drugs in one night, Hired a private investigator , Used birthday money to buy weed, Eat something out of garbage , Secretly wanted to________, Dumped someone because my friend’s didn’t like them, Gotten drunk and woken up naked, Left a restaurant without the tab, Lied to the police, Not wiped because there was no toilet paper, Been thrown out of the bar, Stolen someone’s ID, Had a car accident with someone else’s car, Danced on a table at a wedding, Tried to move something with my mind, Hired a personal trainer because they were hot, Stolen a tip off a table at a restaurant , Tried to break at a someone’s car , Fallen off a boat, Secretly wanted to_____.


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