1) If there was a problem with my phone, ____ it back to the shop. a) I'd take b) I'll take c) took d) take 2) If you clean the car, ____ you five pounds. a) I’d pay b) I'll pay c) paid d) pay 3) I'll make dinner tonight if you ____ tired. a) would be b) will be c) were d) 're 4) If you got every answer right, your teacher ____ very pleased. a) would be b) will be c) were d) 're 5) If your parents heard that song, they probably____ it. a) wouldn't like b) won’t like c) didn’t like d) don’t like 6) I'd lend you my bike if you____ it. a) would need b) will need c) needed d) need 7) Those eggs will break if you ____ them. a) would drop b) will drop c) dropped d) drop 8) Your teacher wouldn't laugh if your phone ____ in class. a) would ring b) will ring c) rang d) ring 9) If your bike doesn't work, my brother ____ it. a) would repair b) will repair c) repaired d) repair




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