1) What does milk represent? a) creation b) purity  c) new life d) the personal aspect of life e) health  2) When is Pancake day celebrated? a) Lent b) Christmas c) Tuesday before Lent d) Wednesday before Lent e) Saturday Easter 3) Where is this celebration mostly enjoyed? a) Everywhere b) USA and the UK c) Uk, the USA and Mexico d) France, Ireland, Wales and England 4) What is Lent? a) The 30 days before Easter b) The 50 days before Easter c) The 60 days before Easter d) The 40 days before Easter e) The week before Easter 5) Why do people call this day also "Fat Tuesday"? a) Because you can not eat fats b) Because it's the last day in which you can eat fats c) Because you are supposed to be fat d) Because you are supposed to start your diet




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