I’ve just won $5m on the lottery. I can give up my job and do everything that I want! WHAT'S THE FEELING? (thrilling), I’m about to give a presentation to fifty people I’ve never met. They are all experts in the field and probably know more than me. HOW DO I FEEL? (nervous), I am a visitor at the home of a couple who argue all the time. They keep asking me to take sides. HOW DO I FEEL? (awkward), Your friends were on a plane that crashed. You’ve just found out nobody was injured. WHAT'S THE FEELING? (relief), People think Messi is the best football player in the world. WHAT'S THE FEELING? (admiration), My brother has broken my smartphone. HOW DO I FEEL? (angry), I need to catch a connecting flight and my flight is delayed. WHAT'S THE FEELING? (anxiety), My team lost the final. HOW DO I FEEL? (disappointed), I’ve got lots of urgent emails waiting for me, but my internet connection is down. WHAT'S THE FEELING? (frustration), I slapped my friend on the back and told him to hurry up, but when he turned round I saw it was a stranger. HOW DO I FEEL? (embarrassed).

SPEAK OUT Upper-Intermediate HOW DO I FEEL? Game for 2 players PART 1


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