Could you manage (live) for a week without your phone?, Do you ever get the chance (speak) English outside class (speak), If you really hated your friend's partner, would you pretend (like) them?, Is there any kind of housework you can't stand (do)?, Would you ever risk (eat) something past its sell-by date?, Is there anything that you think you ought to give up (do)?, What kind of things do you tend (worry) about?, Did your parents let you (play) in the street when you were a child?, Do you sometimes forget (do) things or do you have a good memory?, Is there a city or country that you really like (visit)?, Are there any apps you'd recommend (get)?, Is there a TV show you can't stop (watch) even though you don't think it's very good?, Do you think it's worth (have) a yearly medical check up?, Is there anything that really needs (fix) to your house or apartment?, Have you ever tried (assemble) build-it-yourself furniture?, Can you imagine (emigrate) to another country forever?, Would you rather (read) an e-book or a paper book?, Are there any jobs in the house that you don't mind (do)?, Do you remember (meet) your best friend for the first time?, Have you ever had to stop (eat) a type of food because you were told it wasn't good for you?, Did your parents ever make you (do/learn) something you really didn't enjoy?, Do you think that you'll carry on (study) English next year?, Is there a film you're looking forward to (see) at the cinema?, Would you prefer (spend) a week on the beach or a week in the country?, What is something you've always been scared of (do), What do you enjoy (do) in your free time?, What is a difficult choice you have had (make) recently., What is something you can do (remember) these grammar structures?, What type of music do you enjoy (listen) to when you're stressed?, What type of food do you enjoy (eat) when you're stressed?.

EC I4 M1 6A Complete & Ask (gerund/infinitive)


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