agree to, aim to, appear to, arrange to, ask to, attempt to, be able to, begin to, choose to, continue to, dare to, decide to, deserve to, forget to, have to, hope to, intend to, like to, love to, offer to, plan to, prefer to, prepare to, promise to, refuse to, remember to, start to, stop to, try to, use to, want to, admit, appreciate, avoid, can't help, consider, delay, dislike, enjoy, finish, go, imagine, mind, miss, practice, quit, resume, risk, spend time, suggest, waste time, argue about, care about, complain about, concentrate on, dream about, feel like, forget about, insist on, plan on, prevent (someone) from , talk about, think about, worry about

EC I4 M1 6A Make a phrase (guided Gerund & Infinitive)


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