1) I have three bedrooms. a) How many bedrooms do you have? b) How many children do you have? c) Where do you live? 2) My area is noisy. a) Is your area noisy or quiet? b) Is your area big or small? c) Is there a supermarket? 3) I live with my husband and children. a) Where do you live? b) What do you like? c) Who do you live with? 4) I have five rooms. a) How many houses do you have? b) How many rooms do you have? c) What colour is your living room? 5) There is a primary school near my house. a) What is near your house? b) Who is near your house? c) When do you go to your house?

What's the question? (House, Home and Environment SQA Nat 2 Lit 2)




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