1) IELTS stands for ... a) Interesting English Language Testing System b) International English Language Testing System c) International English Language Timing System d) International English Language Testing Strategy 2) IELTS consists of the following parts ... a) Listening, Reading, Writing b) Listening, Writing c) Listening, Vocabulary, Writing, Speaking d) Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking 3) Which part is the most important one ( = gives you more points)? a) Speaking of course b) Writing c) Listening d) None of the above! 4) IELTS General and IELTS Academic have the same ... a) Listening, Speaking b) Listening, Reading c) Listening, Writing d) Writing, Speaking 5) In Listening, candidates can hear the recording ... a) only once b) twice c) three times d) as many times as they want 6) You ... make notes on your IELTS Listening and Reading question papers. a) CAN :-) b) CAN'T :-( 7) In Writing, do you get PENALISED for writing too little/too much? a) YES :-( b) NO :-) 8) In Speaking, if you don't understand the examiner's questions.... a) NEVER ask them to repeat it! b) ask them to repeat the question (but not more than 2 or 3 times) c) ask them to repeat as many times as you want. 9) Your results will be ready in ... a) 3 days b) 13 days c) 30 days d) 3 hours if you pay a special fee 10) Your IELTS certificate is valid for ... a) 1 year b) 2 years c) 3 years d) eternity :D




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