Henpecked - A man controlled by and a little frightened of his wife., Copycat - Someone who has few ideas of their own and does or says exactly the same as someone else, Batty - Silly and slightly crazy, Antsy - Very nervous, worried, or unpleasantly excited, Fishy - Seeming dishonest or false, Scaredy cat - Someone, especially a child, who is easily frightened, To wolf (down) - To eat a large amount of food very quickly, Open a can of worms - A situation that causes a lot of problems for you when you start to deal with it, Bee in your bonnet - Be obsessed about something, to pig out - eat too much, a dog's dinner - a complete mess, like a bear with a sore head - to be moody and grumpy, like a dog with a bone - sticking tenaciously to a topic of conversation, like a fish out of water - uncomfortable with the situation, let the cat out of the bag - reveal a secret, put the cat among the pigeons - cause problems, provoke a situation, to be a rat - to not be trustworthy, an eager beaver - someone who is enthusiastic, a night owl - someone who has more energy at night-time, the lion's share - the largest part,




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