____ I was a teenager, I took part in a tennis tournament because I loved tennis and was quite talented. It was a mixed doubles competition, ____ I had a male partner. ____ the event, my partner and I practised every day after school. ____ of the event, we changed into our tennis clothes and got warmed up. Our first game started at 2pm and was unforgettable. ____ I was waiting for my partner to serve the ball, I felt a terrible pain as the ball hit my arm. It gave me a giant bruise, ____ I continued playing. ____ I was injured, we won the whole competition. Everyone cheered, ____ made us feel happy. We celebrated afterwards by going to an Italian restaurant with our families. It was a special day not only because we won, but ____ I showed myself that I was strong. I have never been as proud of myself ____ I was that day.

A Sports Event - Linking Words Gap Fill E3


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