Would you like to ____ weight? Do you want to tone your ____? Would you like to ____ better and feel better? Exercise is good for your body and ____. It keeps you ____ all over!____ a walk. ____ a bike. ____ weights. Go for a swim. ____ through your neighborhood. Play tag with your ____. Shovel the snow. ____ the grass. Rake the ____. Just keep moving! Try to exercise at least ____ minutes each day. It doesn’t need to be a ​solid​ thirty minutes. You can break up the ____. Go for a ten-minute jog in the morning. Walk ten more minutes during the lunch ____. End the day with a ten-minute ____ ride. You’ve done it! You’ve exercised for thirty minutes. ____ exercise is good for both your body and your ____. When you exercise, your body ____ fat. Muscles are toned and ____. Your ____ pumps blood throughout your ____. Exercise ____ the ____ control part of the brain. It releases ____ that cause a person to feel ____. Exercise is a mood-changing event. Are you ____ tired or sad? Is work or family life ____? Would you like more ____? Exercise is nature’s ____!

Daily Exercise (Level 4) -- Cloze


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