1) They ... to Spain last year. a) went b) have been c) have been being 2) I ... anything yesterday. a) didn't eat b) haven't eaten c) haven't been eating 3) I .... this dictionary a long time ago. a) bought b) 've bought c) 've been buying 4) Look, someone ... the door. It's blue now. a) painted b) has been painting c) has painted 5) Kate .... to learn the guitar for six months. a) learned b) has learnt c) has been learning 6) My grandparents ... in 1969. a) have got married b) got married c) have been gettin married 7) Oh no! Lily ... the stairs. a) fell off b) has fallen off c) has been falling off 8) .... to an ice-skating party when you were a child? a) Did you ever go b) Have you ever gone c) Have you ever been going 9) I've got two snakes. Forunately, they ... a) never bit b) 've never bitten c) 've never been biting 10) I'm tired because ... since 8 o'clock this morning. a) I walked b) I have walked c) have been walking 11) .... white tea? It's nice. a) Did you ever drink b) Have you ever drunk c) Have you ever been drinking 12) How many apples ... today? a) did you eat b) have you eaten c) have you been eating 13) It's raining. How long... ? a) did it rain b) has it rained c) has it been raining 14) At last we are at home. We ... for an hour a) waited b) have waited c) have been waiting 15) ... a holiday recently? a) Did you have b) Have you had c) Have you been having 16) I meant to call you last night, but I ... a) forgot b) have forgotten c) have been forgetting 17) Joe is ill. He ... ill since Monday. a) was b) became c) has been 18) Rachel ... around Europe for three months now. a) travelled b) has travelled c) has been travelling 19) Your town looks very different now. Yes, it ... a lot. a) changed b) has changed c) has been changing 20) Mr Clark ... in a bank for 15 years. Then he gave it up. a) worked b) has worked c) has been working


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