1) ... are they? They are video games a) What b) Where 2) ... is your favourite Brawl stars character? It's Brock a) Who b) What 3) ... is the cat? It's under the bed a) What b) Where 4) ... is your grandma? She's 75 years old a) When b) How old 5) is your birthday? It's on July 7th a) What b) When 6) ... time is it? It's ten past ten a) How old b) What 7) ... do you live? I live in Machalí a) Where b) When 8) ... are these? They are game consoles a) Where b) What 9) ... do you like pizza? Because it's delicious. a) What b) Why 10) ...are you sad? Because I lost my Switch a) Why b) Where

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