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University of Tehran establishes secular education; women attend schools, Many women enrolled in university, but mainly from urban, upper class families, Patriarchal family laws are reintroduced, Universities and High Schools are shut down for 3 years - female teachers lose jobs , New textbooks – ‘Study of Professions - female specialisations are nursing, nutrition, child rearing, cooking and health, Universities introduce Women’s studies course – looking at Women’s Rights, A religious cleric is appointed as Chancellor at Tehran University, Quota system is expanded and segregated higher education expanded, Islamic Philosophy is imposed on (particularly Humanities) university courses, , Newly married Iranian women must attend government-mandated family planning classes, Women are heavily barred from enrolling on 70 different courses, mainly science, social sciences, engineering, agricultural and business management , Security Personnel are required to beat female students who don’t comply with hijab standards, Recommendations to reform university courses are rejected, Only 20-25% of educated women are able to find work.

1.3 Input - Timeline of (Gender issues in) Iranian education


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