What does spring remind you of? Please share some of your memories of spring time. Please recommend a song or film for us to listen to / watch in spring., When you have a goal that you would like to achieve someday, what do you do about it? Give me an example., Do you have a specific preference among the different modes of public transportation? Share your own tips for using public transportation., Please, tell me about the biggest problem you’ve seen or encountered while using public transportation., What is the most challenging part of traveling? Where would you most like to go on a trip? Why?, What was the most touching film you’ve ever seen? Can you recall its soundtrack? Did you like it? Why?, In important decisions, how likely are you to take other people’s advice? Please, share one of your most successful decision-making experience., Please share your most recent favorite song. Talk about your favorite genre and musicians. Please recommend a song or a piece for a relaxing Sunday night as a student, and explain why., Do you easily trust others? If you have a standard you use when deciding whether or not someone is trustworthy, please tell me., Where are you currently living? Please briefly describe your neighborhood to me, with its pros and cons., Tell me about house chores: What house chores are you in charge of? Which do you like and hate? How should chores be allocated after marriage?, Tell me your favorite food, and describe a restaurant that serves it best. Why do you value this food and this restaurant? Please recommend your favorite seasonal fruit, or share your own recipe of a dish you cook well., Please, talk about an experience which cannot be explained as a coincidence in your life, and explain why., Which super power would you choose to have out of mind-reading, teleporting, and time-travel? Why? Why not the other two?, Please share your experiences of the most memorable one-day trip. Where, who, when, why, what happened..., Do you like animals? Why (not)? Which? Name an animal you would like to see most (or not at all), and explain why., Can it be justified to put animals behind zoo bars for amusement?, Which is your favourite drink, and why?, Close you eyes, imagine you are in a beautiful place, and then describe it please., Have you ever been to a school reunion? Do you like attending such events? Why?, Please, talk about a friend you are no longer in touch with, but about whom you wonder how he/she is doing., Do you like to go shopping? Why? Where do you usually go? Do you ever shop on the Internet? Why?, If you could take a semester off, what would you do? Why?, Please recommend a really good book that you have read, and motivate your choice., Do you generally give out compliments generously? Try complimenting your best friend for something they did or said., Are punishments effective in schools? What alternatives would you suggest?.


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