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The USA is an [enormous] country. It's the third [biggest] country in the world and it has the third [largest] population. It's about 4,830 km from the east to the west. There are four [time] zones. The Pacific Ocean is to the [west] and the Atlantic Ocean is to the [east]. There is Canada in the [north] and Mexico in the [south]. The capital is Washington DC [but] the biggest city is New York. There are 50 states [including] Alaska and Hawaii. Alaska is in the northwestern [part] of North America and Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean [so] there are only 48 [contiguous] states. The geography of the USA is extremely [diverse].  We can find [tropical] beaches and wetlands in Florida and [deserts] in the west.  The [highest] point is Mount Mc Kinley and the [lowest] one is Death Valley. The [longest] river is the Mississipi that [runs] through 10 states..


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